Engineering and fleet

Gutter Press Goes Down The Drain

Metronet appears to be on a charm offensive, or is it a desperate attempt to rescue its deservedly woeful reputation?

Whichever, they invited the media down into the Drain, to tell us what a fabulous job they are doing down there and how confident they are that it will be finished on time. What...

Two fingers to that

ISS decided to introduce fingerprinting of its Central Line train cleaners, despite Metronet having agreed with the RMT that this practice would not be allowed.

Fortunately, urgent representations from the union led to Metronet telling ISS to knock it on the head.

If You Can't Stand the Heat ...

The sun comes out, the rails buckle, and speed restrictions are imposed on four lines.

Why? Because Metronet management are an incompetent bunch of cowboys. That's "incompetent" at maintaining the infrastructure, rather than incompetent at making profits, which they are remarkably good at.


Pull the pay fights together

Meanwhile, TubeLines have settled for a two-year deal with a 4% rise this year. Metronet seem to think that 4% should be OK for their workforce too, conveniently ignoring the fact that their pay is already lower than TubeLines, so we will need at least 5% to play catch-up.

And it's full steam...

Fingerprints please

Believe it or not, Metronet and TubeLines are proposing to make workers sign in and out using their fingerprints. We can not confirm rumours that we will also have our rights read to us, hold up a card with our staff number on it, wear a suit with arrows on, eat porridge and be allowed only one...

Bad guesswork

We need tripcock testers on the Chesham - Ricky branch of the Met. Recent events on the Northern line should remind us how important it is to check that the emergency braking system is tested frequently.

So, what's the problem? Well, Metronet supplied an initial estimate and LUL got the funding...


Ruislip depot ballot result - Service Control grades committee - SPAD wristbands

  • Ruislip depot Balfour Beatty. The result of the ballot for industrial action short of strike was 100%. This will enable the Tube Recon Gangs to refuse to comply with management's new rules for Friday working....


New Labour, New Britain ... New Metronet.

Yes really. Only two years old, and it is rebranding itself. Maybe it's trying to throw off the image of a profit-grabbing consortium that can't maintain the railway properly.

A tip: no matter how hard you try to rebrand yourself, it is hard to throw...

Shedding Light

Isn’t it funny how when there is a disaster, management agree to safety improvements, then, when they think that everyone has forgotten about it, they try to reverse the improvements on the sly?

After the Camden and Hammersmith derailments two years go, the Infracos agreed to introduce ‘Lampmen’ (...

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