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Documents available on-line

Workers' Liberty magazine

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Other publications on-line

Documents available to order by credit card

For secure credit card ordering information, please see the on-line shop.

  • Subscriptions to the magazine, as above
  • "The Fate of the Russian Revolution - Lost Texts of Critical Marxism, volume 1".
    Texts by Max Shachtman, Hal Draper, C L R James etc.
    Edited and introduced by Sean Matgamna. 608 pages.
  • "In an age of barbarism: essays on war, imperialism, nation, class".
    Writings by Lenin, Trotsky, Draper, Luxemburg, etc.; edited by Sean Matgamna.
  • "How Solidarity Can Change The World".
    Articles by Engels, Kautsky, Trotsky, Luxemburg, edited by Sean Matgamna.
  • "Radical Chains: Sexuality and Class Politics", by Janine Booth .
  • "The fight for a workers' government", by Jill Mountford.
  • "The case for socialist feminism", by Lynn Ferguson.
  • "New Problems, New Struggles - A Handbook for Trade Unionists".
  • "Socialists Answer The New Right".
    John O'Mahony and Martin Thomas debate Roger Scruton, Ken Minogue, and David Marsland .
  • "A Workers' Guide to Ireland", by Sean Matgamna.
  • "The Lies Against Socialism Answered"
  • "Why You Should Be A Socialist"
    William Morris and others.
  • "Lenin and the October Revolution", by Andrew Hornung and John O'Mahony.
  • "Malcolm X", by Dion D'Silva.
  • "Study Notes on Capital volume 1", by Martin Thomas.
  • "What Is Dialectics", by Edward Conze.
  • "Marxism and the Labour Movement"
    Education bulletin on the 'Militant' tendency (now the Socialist Party) - part one
  • "Trotskyism and Stalinism"
    Education bulletin on the 'Militant' tendency (now the Socialist Party) - part two
  • "Leninism and Opportunism"
    Education bulletin on the 'Militant' tendency (now the Socialist Party) - part three
  • "Illusions of Power: the local government left 1979-85", by Mick O'Sullivan and Martin Thomas.
  • "The IS-SWP Tradition"
    A cuttings book of comments and discussions with former IS-SWP(UK) leaders.
  • "Liverpool: What Went Wrong"
    Liverpool City Council and 'Militant', 1984-6
  • "Why the SWP beats up its Socialist Critics"
    An open letter to Tony Cliff about the physical attacks on AWL comrades at 'Marxism 93'
  • "Workers' Power: a Tale of Kitsch Trotskyism"
    Documents 1973-93.
  • "Seedbed of the Left"
    The origins of the British far left in Labour's youth wing, 1959-87
  • "A Tragedy of the Left" - Socialist Worker and 'the party'

Documents available to order by post


New Series: The Politics of the Militant

  • Vol. 1: Marxism and the Labour movement
    Including our tendency's founding document, What We Are and What We Must Become £5 plus 55 pence postage.
  • Vol. 2: Trotskyism and Stalinism
    Including an analysis of Militant and the Russian war in Afghanistan. £2.50 plus 45 pence postage.
  • Vol. 3: Leninism and Opportunism
    Including comments about Militant and Liverpool, the Young Socialists, Panther, and Ireland. £2 plus 45 pence postage.

General politics and our programme

  • How solidarity can change the world - articles by Engels, Kautsky, Luxemburg and Trotsky; how socialism is relevant today.
    1998, book format, 96 pages. £3.95
  • The fight for a workers' government - the case for a workers' government and a '"workers' budget"(1998, A5, 15 pages), 60 pence
  • The case for socialist feminism - origins of women's oppression; capitalism, socialism and women; other feminisms(1989, A5, 64 pages), £1.50
  • New problems, new struggles - a handbook for trade unionists(1990, A4, 66 pages), 95 pence
  • Socialists answer the New Right - debate between Workers' Liberty and right wing intellectuals Roger Scruton, Ken Minogue and David Marsland(1991, A5, 40 pages), £1.50
  • A workers' guide to Ireland - a socialist history of Ireland, from the 7th century to the 90s, in words and pictures(1993, newspaper format, 20 pages), 95 pence
  • The lies against socialism answered - replies to the case against socialism in the aftermath of the collapse of Stalinism(1990, A5, 7 pages), 50 pence
  • Why you should be a socialist - William Morris on the case for socialism; Stalinism and real socialism; the role of the socialists(1998, A5, 16 pages), 50 pence
  • Lenin and the October revolution - the story of October 1917(Reprinted from Socialist Organiser 1982, A5, 25 pages), 50 pence
  • Malcolm X - Malcolm X and Martin Luther King; a review of George Brietman on Malcolm X(1993, A5, 11 pages), 80 pence

AWL policy

  • AWL conference 1999 - a report of the proceedings and resolutions presented to the February 1999 AWL conference(A4, 17 pages), £2

Education Bulletins

  • Study notes on Capital - a guide to reading and understanding Marx's Capital vol. 1(A4, 73 pages), £2.50
  • What is dialectics? - an explanation by Edward Conze plus 'The ABC of materialist dialectics' by Trotsky(A4, 18 pages), £1.50
  • AWL basic education programme - a study guide to our initial, internal education course(1997, A4, 30 pages), £1.50
  • The tendencies of capital and profit - a discussion on the 'tendency of the rate of profit to fall'(A4, 21 pages), £1

The AWL and the left

  • Illusions of power - the story of the local government left, 1979-85(1985, A4, 40 pages), 60 pence
  • The IS-SWP tradition - a cuttings file of articles and interviews by and with many former IS and SWP leaders(1997, A4, 30 pages), £2
  • Liverpool: what went wrong - analysis of the Militant's disastrous strategy in Liverpool(1986, A4, 7 pages), 20 pence
  • Why the SWP beats up its socialist critics - an open letter to Tony Cliff about the physical attacks on AWL members at Marxism 93(1993, A5, 12 pages), 80 pence
  • Workers' Power: a tale of kitsch Trotskyism - documents, 1973-93(1993, A4, 100 pages), £3
  • Seedbed of the left - the origins of the far left in the Labour Party's youth wing, 1959-87(Reprinted 1993, A5, 31 pages), £1.50
  • A tragedy of the left - Socialist Worker and "the party"(1991, A5, 52 pages), £2.50

To order, send a cheque (to "AWL") for the value of the pamphlets you want to buy plus 10% for postage, to : AWL, PO Box 823, LONDON, SE15 4NA

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