Action on Fleet

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Mon, 27/03/2017 - 16:17,

Following their vote for industrial action (which we reported on here), RMT members on Fleet began a campaign of industrial action on 7 March, effectively a form of work-to-rule.

The action includes:

  • Not working any overtime or attend training courses outside of normal working hours
  • Not carrying out any higher grade duty work
  • Not changing any shifts or work locations to assist with maintenance
  • Trainers not carrying out training for anyone on a job that is not their substantive role
  • Coaches not to coach anyone on a job that is not their substantive role
  • Not working if there is not a valid and in date WRA, COSHH, and Manual Handling Assessment
  • Not working if there is no first aider on site
  • The form the action has taken shows just how much LU relies on our goodwill to keep things running most of the time. When they refuse to reciprocate, we should withdraw it.

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