Beat the New Anti-Union Law!

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Sat, 15/04/2017 - 19:31,

RMT's ballot in defence of the London Bridge 3 is our first taste of organising industrial action since the Tories' new anti-union law - the Trade Union Act - came into effect in March. The law means voter turnout must be over 50%. In 'important public services', such as the Tube, there is an additional requirement that over 40% of the people balloted must have voted 'yes' in order for our ballot result to be 'legal'. So we need a 'yes' vote that is strong enough to meet - and beat - these new thresholds. Vote yes!

This law adds to the web of anti-union legislation that the Tories have pursued for decades. The Tories have used it to obstruct our ability to organise effective democratic industrial action, to weaken our class and strengthen the rule of the rich.

We should be able to organise industrial action in any way we want. A show of hands and a simple majority vote should be enough. It is outrageous that we must now consider thresholds higher than in any parliamentary election before we can exercise our power as workers. Our union leaders need to be prepared to support us to take action if a majority of us vote for it but the result doesn't meet the threshold. We cannot let the new laws stop us from taking the action necessary to defend our colleagues.

Immediately let's make sure all RMT stations members at Waterloo and London Bridge return the ballot paper and vote yes!

Trade Unions

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