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Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Tue, 13/06/2017 - 05:10,

London Underground has not provided enough training to station staff on how to handle cash from the ticket machines since ticket offices closed.

Money piles up in the machines because too few staff are trained on how to take it out. LU brought in new snazzy Cash Handling Devices (CHD), and barely trained us on them, saying they were "easy to use".

But the CHDs do not eliminate much of the fiddly, responsible work of handling cash that a ticket seller used to do. Someone still needs to empty the CHD if it's full, bag the money and prepare it to be collected by the security company.

In reality every station still needs a trained, qualified ticket seller. Many CSAs are not confident to handle cash with the paltry training they have been given. Quite right too! Why should you carry out work that you're neither properly trained nor paid to do?

London Underground was in such a hurry to close ticket offices, and cut ticket sellers' jobs, that it didn't care how it would cope without them. Why should we take on the responsibility of handling cash just to help LU cope with the aftermath of ticket office closures and job cuts?

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