Fleet workers vote for strikes

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Mon, 27/02/2017 - 11:40,

Back in January, we reported on an imminent ballot on Fleet, in a dispute over a range of issues, including job cuts.

The ballot has now concluded, returning a 68% majority for strikes and an 89% majority for action-short-of-strikes.

Hopefully RMT will crack on and get strike dates named, ideally coordinating them with other ongoing disputes across the job, including the Central Line drivers' fight against forced displacements.

With Night Tube forming part of the background to this dispute (specifically, LU's failure to honour an agreement to staff up in order to cover additional work), the potential is emerging for a combine-wide dispute over Night Tube, involving drivers and station staff, who are rightly aggrieved at having opportunities to transfer into full-time positions blocked, and fleet staff. Why not ballot Interserve and ISS cleaners, and other contractors working nights, on their issues too, and make it an across-the-job dispute against the exploitation of Night Tube staff?

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