Hello? Is Anyone there?

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Fri, 28/07/2006 - 11:26,

On 20th July in the evening peak, parts of the Underground lost their phone systems. At Paddington, the Station Supervisors, realising they could not contact the Line Controller, Police, Network Control, etc, evacuated and closed the station. Quite right too.

Management had other ideas though, and reckoned they could reopen Paddington with station staff placed at the headwall of each platform passing and receiving messages via train drivers.

You're 'aving a laugh! thought the Supervisors and refused to reopen. What if, for example, a train broke down in a tunnel, or derailed, or the train radio failed? And in any case, would you really expect a Supervisor to communicate with the Controller about any kind of emergency via a CSA and a driver?!

Management made their way down to Paddington to see if they could impose their ridiculous, unsafe idea. Fortunately for staff and passengers alike, the telephone system started working again by the time they got there.

Near miss, we'd say.

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