ISS Pensions Changes Keep Workers In The Dark

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Wed, 30/03/2016 - 20:56,

When the government's law requiring all employers over a certain size to provide a workplace pension scheme came into effect, cleaning contracted ISS launched an "off the shelf" pension with a company called NOW. Workers have been paying into the scheme ever since.

Now ISS wants to scrap the NOW scheme and start an in-house scheme, apparently as a cost-saving exercise. There has been no consultation with staff, or with RMT (a recognised union) about the changes. Some staff have received letters, but many are being kept in the dark. It's not clear what will happen to the pension pots of staff who've been paying into the NOW scheme.

RMT has demanded info and talks with ISS.

An in-house, directly-administered pension scheme is preferable to one managed via a third-party private company, but workers should not have their pensions viewed as a potential site of efficiency savings by cuts-happy managers. All workers are entitled to a decent pension.

The ideal solution would be for LU to take cleaning service in house, employ cleaners directly, and allow them to join the TfL pension scheme!

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