Leytonstone attack: unite against staffing cuts and racism

Submitted by Tubeworker on Sun, 06/12/2015 - 13:50

Tubeworker's thoughts today are with those injured in the knife attack at Leytonstone station last night - and with all our workmates and passengers who as a result are even more anxious about being around London Underground. We know from past experience that in times of war and terrorist activity, our job always becomes both more important and more stressful.

It is a sobering thought that this attack comes just two months before LUL plans to cut staffing at Leytonstone station. Along with other stations on this and two other groups, it is scheduled to have Fit for the Future imposed two months ahead of everywhere else. Won't stations with no visible staff be an invitation to those who want to attack our passengers, whatever their motive?

It is encouraging that #youaintnomuslimbruv has been trending on social media, as Muslims speak out against the reactionary attacks being carried out in the name of their religion. It seems that a small minority of passengers need to learn from this - we know of at least one incident in the week before the Leytonstone stabbing in which a CSA was called a 'fucking Muslim terrorist' by a random pissed-off punter.

If London Underground workers unite against this divisive racism, and step up our eleventh-hour fight against stations job cuts, we can reduce the chances of attacks like this happening again.

In the meantime, questions are being raised about how management handled this incident and the impact on staff. Watch this space.

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