Tell Management To Take A Hike!

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Sat, 17/10/2015 - 10:26,

The refurbished Shed 25 to 28 roads at Upminster depot are nearly ready, and awaiting sign off from union safety reps. However, local management want drivers to get familiarised (aka "hiked") with just briefing notes and a video.

Unions reps strongly oppose this, arguing that drivers should be properly familiarised on the refurbished shed roads for the S-stock trains. As emergency plunger points, which are used to discharge traction current, have been relocated, and addition plungers added, as well as other important safety issues, the Instructor Operators responsible for hiking new T/Ops will be almost as unfamiliar with the layout as the T/Ops themselves if all they've seen is some briefing notes and a video! How professional would that look to a new T/Op in training?

Worse still, management gave the briefings and even arranged a meeting to sign off the roads while one of the union safety reps was on holiday. Fortunately, almost all the drivers who received the briefing submitted a memo requesting to be properly hiked!

Perhaps if project pool drivers hadn't been sent to Earl's Court to help with coverage there, they could've been available to ensure coverage at Upminster while drivers were hiked round the refurbished roads. Isn't that what the project pool is for?!

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