Mapping Mess

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Thu, 22/02/2018 - 18:16,

As “Transformation” continues to rumble into gear, the lack of clarity from management about exactly who will be affected and how is making life difficult for workers.

Some workers are being given contradictory messages by managers, first being told their jobs are safe, then finding out they’re in the frame to be “mapped” into new roles, with only vague guarantees and protections.

In some cases, workers who’ve been recognised by management as filling a particular for years are now being told they may be at risk because the company considers their grade to be something else. Workers working as Stock/Materials Controllers since 2012, who were initially told their position wasn’t in the frame for “Transformation”, have now discovered that the company actually deems them to be a Materials Assistant, and therefore in the scope of “Transformation”.

There are echoes of a similar dynamic on stations, where staff at the north end of the Bakerloo Line, where ticket offices remained opened, have been covering ex-SAMF (ticket seller) jobs, and have now been told that the company intends to cut their pay and demote them when ticket offices close. There are also apparent disparities with the way the mapping is affecting Bombardier staff, some of whom appear to be taking priority for being mapped into LU roles other workers have been covering for years. Unions must resist divisions between directly-employed and outsourced workers and demand in-house jobs for all.

LU wants to use us to cover work when it needs us, but won’t guarantee any protections during restructures. The lesson for unions is clear: we have to confront the entire logic of cuts. Scrap “Transformation” now!

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