Wot No Payments?

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Fri, 20/04/2018 - 12:41,

Overtime payments for some ex-TubeLines workers at Northfields Depot seem to have fallen through the cracks, with workers being told they may now not be paid until next month's payroll.

Tubeworker isn't keen on overtime in principle: we believe everyone should be paid a decent enough basic wage so as to not have to sell more of our labour power to the bosses, and if the boss can't cover the work with existing staff, they should create more jobs and hire more workers, rather than asking existing staff to work longer. But it's also a principle that workers should be paid, and paid on time, for work we've done, whether that's a regular shift or overtime.

Ascribing the problem to admin errors or difficulties created by the reintegration of TubeLines into LU isn't good enough. Our labour creates the product (in our case: Tube journeys for millions of passengers!), the bare minimum we expect is that our employer pays us for it.

Many depots, and stations, rely on overtime and goodwill from workers (staying a bit late here and there) to function. If the employer can't even pay us on time, that goodwill should be withdrawn.

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