Stop London Overground Ticket Office Closures!

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Wed, 24/10/2018 - 11:32,
campaigners at Hackney Downs station

Following in London Underground's footsteps, London Overground now plans to close nearly all its ticket offices.

Fifty-one are scheduled to close, although the plan has the small matter of a public consultation to navigate first. We know from bitter experience that cuts-driven decision-makers are inclined to ignore consultations, however decisive the public opposition, but it is harder to ignore mobilised opposition. RMT and community activists have been out campaigning against the closures, distributing thousands upon thousands of leaflets and postcards. Labour Parties and Councillors in hard-hit boroughs such as Hackney have spoken out against the plan.

London Underground workers know why this is such a bad idea. We are dealing daily with passengers whom we could help more if we had an open ticket office to refer them to. If they go ahead, these closures will make Underground staff's workload even worse, as passengers arrive from Overground stations having been unable to buy the ticket or get the information or assistance they need.

Support the campaign to keep London Overground ticket offices open!

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