Service Control reps say: if it's not safe, don't work!

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Mon, 01/06/2020 - 21:33,
Safety sign

Hats off to RMT reps in LU Service Control, who've published a new article on the RMT Service Control website stating that they'll support colleagues in stations and trains who refuse to work on safety grounds.

The article says:

"With very limited guidance being provided for controllers and signallers we want to support all our colleagues so if anything feels unsafe please let us know. We are under as much pressure as ever to run a service but our colleagues safety comes first. So if it isn’t safe and puts you at risk please tell us so we can cancel that instruction to keep you safe. The Service Control team in RMT are very close to their colleagues on trains and stations so we completely support any refusal to work on the grounds of health and safety."

Although Tubeworker is an unofficial publication, independent of any individual union, we do support all-grades, industrial trade unionism. And this potential solidarity between service control workers and workers in other areas does show some of the benefits of having one union for all Tube workers...

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