Tubeworker monthly meeting, 20 August, 16:00: Resisting cuts, fighting for funding

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Street signs indicating "private" and "public" in different directions

Thursday 20 August, 16:00. Log in via Zoom here.

Facebook event here.

With the Tories' audit of TfL's governance and finances now underway, we need to prepare our fightback. Although we don't know exactly where the axe will fall, the audit's terms of reference make clear that it will be recommending "efficiencies" and "workforce modernisation", euphemisms for cuts, and exploring alternative "models of operation", a euphemism for privatisation.

As well as unconditionally opposing and any all cuts, we need our own positive vision for how public transport should be funded and organised.

What demands can we make - of our immediate employers, of City Hall, and of central government - for the positive changes we want to see?

Can we learn from France, where employers benefiting from the Paris Metro are subject to a specific tax used to fund public transport?

What can we learn from the experience of the last time privatisation was attempted on the Tube, and workers’ resistance to it?

How can we shape our unions’ policies and campaigning on these issues?

And how can a workers' and passengers' plan for a properly funded, publicly-owned transport system form part of a wider working-class fightback against bosses' attempts to make us pay for the economic crisis?

Join us to discuss these issues, via Zoom. All TfL/LU workers, directly employed and outsourced, welcome - and guests welcome too!

Thursday 20 August, 16:00. Log in via Zoom here.

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