Close for deep cleans!

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Wed, 04/11/2020 - 11:57,
A cartoon of a blackboard with "Coronavirus (Covid-19)" written on it, above two boxes marked "Positive" and "Negative". The "Positive" box is checked.

Union reps are pushing LU to improve its procedures for when a case of Covid is confirmed in a workplace, after recent incidents at Euston and Victoria. An RMT leaflet says current processes are "not robust or comprehensive enough."

Of particular concern is LU's insistence that they can keep a station where a positive case has been confirmed open while a deep clean takes place. This practise must end. As soon as a positive case is confirmed, the workplace must be shut whilst deep cleaning is underway.

It seems some local managers are also sending mixed messages about who needs to isolate. The process must be clear and consistent: all workers, including outsourced staff, who may have come into contact with the Covid-positive workmate must be identified and informed.

With infection rates still rising, further outbreaks in LU workplaces are inevitable. Unless the company tightens its procedure, both staff and passengers will be placed at unnecessary risk.

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