Aslef drivers vote for action

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Mon, 15/03/2021 - 19:01,
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Aslef drivers across LU have voted by a thumping 97.3% majority for industrial action to protect terms and conditions. The union is yet to name any action, but it's a resounding vote that will send a clear message to the bosses.

With LU's financial future in doubt, the bosses have our terms and conditions in their sights. Although no concrete proposals or prospective cuts have been announced, TfL's "Independent Financial Review" and "Financial Sustainability Plan" both make fairly clear that the employer wants to reform our pension arrangements, and possibly make other cuts too.

Aslef have done the right thing by balloting "pre-emptively", meaning they can announce action at two weeks' notice any time over the next six months. Other unions should follow suit.

The demand of any action must be clear: absolutely no detrimental changes to our terms and conditions whatsoever. Not a single job cut, no changes to our pensions arrangements, including closing the scheme to new starters.

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