Watch Out For The WAGs

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Mon, 10/03/2008 - 15:55,

Wide Aisle Gates (WAGs) were recently been installed at Euston. It's better for CSAs not to be tethered to the manual gate and to be able to leave it for a second to help someone who's stuck. But it needs to be said that, while WAGs have made some things easier, working the gateline is just as hectic as ever, and WAGs have brought new problems.

What happens when the WAGs fail and need resetting? You get a build-up of customers with luggage and pushchairs trying to force open an electronic gate with a mind of its own. You get into arguments with customers who have flashed their Gold Card and been ushered through the manual gate every day for ten years, who refuse to use their energy to open a gate themselves.

There will always be tickets that don't work, Oyster cards that fail, customers who ask questions. If management ever think they can use WAGs to cut gateline staff, they can think again.

Tubeworker is not anti-technology: it can make our lives easier. The problem is that mangement very often turn technology against workers and use it as an excuse to get rid of staff.

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