'Cut Loose'

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Mon, 26/11/2012 - 16:34,

An LU document has revealed another sneaky way to remove staff.

It also shows what we always suspected: they plan to use the 'Competence Management System' to spy on and discipline us, even tho they say it's for improving performance.

The document says: “Probation is our opportunity to ensure staff are and remain, at least for the first few months of their employment, suitable for London Underground. In its crudest sense, it allows us to keep an eye on new staff and, if they don't come up to snuff, to cut them loose without having to go through the entire disciplinary process.”

If any new recruit is in doubt about whether LU values them as employees, document will shatter any remaining illusions. LU couldn't speak plainer. Disciplinary processes, and the rights of representation they come with, are an impediment to their real designs. They would love us to be completely dispensable according to their needs: 100% power in their hands.

It's bad enough that probationers do not have secure employment rights from day one. If they are good enough to pass the recruitment process, and training, then they are good enough for a job. From then on, it should be about training and support, not looking for ways to boot us out the door.

Our unions need to challenge this despicable way of treating us. If we find out that anyone has been dismissed under the terms of this so-called policy, then LU might find a few more workers 'cut loose' than they'd reckoned on ...only we'll walking out the door to protect our fellow workmates, not walking out of our jobs.

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