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Submitted by dalcassian on Mon, 17/03/2008 - 21:04

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What I said about the politics of the Irish Workers Union — not being right wing, etc — should make it clear that when I wrote what I did about the attitude of some priests to it, I was not trying thereby to (so to speak) damn it . Most of what was said by even foul reactionaries like the Hierarchy of the Catholic Church about "communism" — Stalinism — was true... There were some welcoming comments on the I W U in one at least of the Catholic papers. I have notes on it somewhere, which I'll try to dig out within the next few days. John Palmer should prepare himself for a big belly-laugh: I'll soon be getting to an episode that had for decades gone out of my memory completely — the story of his advocacy — following Mike Farrell — of a closed-off Irish economy. I hope he keeps his promise to comment on the whole series. Discussion would be good, and it is altogether too rare on the left.

Sean Matgamna

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