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Submitted by Jason on Sun, 20/07/2008 - 10:01

Bill I don't see how that is productive.

There can of course be a tendency in any group towards beleiving we've some kind of privileged access to the turth and everyone else is rubbish or whatever. That tendency should be resisted. I'm not sure the AWL is worse than others on this- in some respects it's better.

I want to work together with different groups in campaigns, in rebuilding a socialist movement and workers' movement that can actually defend people and win struggles. We may have soime sharp disagreements with the AWL on for example tactics towards the Palestinian struggle or the occupation in Iraq- we can debate these if we want but I see no reason to put a block on working together with the AWL, any more than with the SWP, Respect, Workers' Power, CPGB, anarchists, Socialist Party or any other groups in building real united front campaigns and I'd be in favour of some kind of reformed socialist forum/united front a bit like the old socialist alliance but not necessarily as an electoral project.

So I would suggest not making attacking statements but rather constructive ones and if want a debate over principles or tactics where we disagree then fine- but let's do so politely. Tit-for-tat may be an esssential survival mechanism in mnay cases but in debates I'm for breaking the cycle of recriminations by always being polite even/especially if your respondent is rude. The left needs to get over this culture of vitriol and insult as it just looks pathetic and non-serious to anyone facing a real problem.

I seriously suggest that people in the AWL- and I've made this offer elsewhere just not mainly online (except at Liam's site and in past at SU site) but mainly in person really give it a go to build convention of the left in short term and explore how we can begin to revive the movement. it's in our hands . It can be done. It will bring tangible results. Let's look beyond the immediate and building our own groups to seeing how can we build wider.

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