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Submitted by Newcastle on Sun, 20/07/2008 - 11:03

whatever your accusations bill j (which i think have been answered elsewhere on discussions on this site)
whoever you are, or which (if any) organisation you belong to?

we do criticise others on the left, should we just not mention difference and not explain where and why we disagree, and not explain why there are different organisations on the left
if we do not criticise then when working together in projects either in the unions, campaigns or left unity initiatives, then the left ends up failing to discuss the way forward for the sake of "unity" and looses the politics which originally held them together, allowing opportunism to guide rather than clear strategy and ideas.. leading to the depressing mess of the respect's split's mainly to the right, and the disorientation of swp - what was the biggest left group in britain

and in terms of being a group (the only? possibly not, one of the few definitely) that allows open debate and discussion, at our events, in our branches, in our paper, and yes allowing you bill to debate with us on our website (which other groups can claim all of this?)

and open to working together, where we agree... which we can show years worth of examples, not just socialist alliance before the swp split to join respect (or sp to form the cnwp), in lefts within the unions, in international solidarity work, in feminist fightback and no sweat, in strike work like on underground now and in local government

while being clear in your criticisms of us, bill, why not look at where you agree and working with us, we will probably never be in the same revolutionary organisation, but this will go for many, many activists, workers etc.. but we can work together when and where we can find agreement

i can see from your posting you have found plenty of time to post on this site (i.e. talking to us?) perhaps you could find sometime to working with us to for example support the rmt cleaners dispute, or support the Notts campaign against the BNP festival in august (yes another initiative where we have been working hard for unity, and its appears to be working), both of these you can find more about on this site.

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