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Submitted by Jason on Sun, 20/07/2008 - 13:13

that does contain some useful pointers Ed and indeed the Nottingham action is definitely worth building for.

Constructive criticism of other left groups and socialists is fine and indeed necessary but I think only really begins to make sense when done 1) in a friendly manner 2) appealing for unity in action and actually taking practical steps to building it.

I acknowledge that your post here is laregely positive. We in Permanent Revolution (to answer your conundrum) also allow open comments on our site Permanent Revolution which is good I think and yes you do too and did before us. Ok good.

But the frustration I feel is that the left is very very small- let's be honest- and all too often inward looking, not out to build campaigns. I acknowledge many do and many in the AWL are involved in good actions so let's try to rebuild a socialist movement like a loose socialist alliance privileging joint work (alongside fraternal discussion) to actually get positive results- against a deportation, against a privatisation, to defend people and services so that new activists are attracted to the left.

I hope Ed and everyone readng this will really push for a big turn out and positive orientation to the convention of the left to begin some of this vital regroupment work or more accrately some very tentatve pre-steps towards it. See you at the Notts festival hopefully and the cheque from Bolton NUT to the RMT cleaners dispute should be in the post.

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