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Submitted by Jason on Fri, 25/07/2008 - 02:35

Yes I agree Daniel we should not just whisper criticisms but make them loud and clear. However, for such criticisms to bite, to take effect and actually mean something they will hve to be voiced alongside and as part of tactics towards reformist misleaders- including Stalinists- by placing demands for action on them to drive a wedge between those workers who support them and show in practice that the demands of revolutionaries for rank and file control, for self activity of the class is absolutely crucial for effective action and working class self-emancipation.

This obvioulsy applies to union leaders, and to some extent to leaders of campaigns such as stop the war. I certainly do't think there's any case now for any kind of critical support for Galloway in elections but there may well be a case for critical support for candidates of struggle possibly including SWP ones implausible though that sounds at th emoment and even possibly Respect candidates- though I don't think this has been the case so far and isn't particularly likely but it all depends on the balance of class forces. I agree that respect was a step back form the SA in the wrong direction. But socialists base our tactics in campaigns and even election not directly on the platform but on the relationship between the class forces and the candidate whether the campaign had the potential to both help organise and test the politics of the reformist or even self-avowed (and often quite genuinely so) revolutionaries (not of course including GG in this- he has never claimed to be such as far I'm aware).

A big topic worth revisiting.

There's some prety useful writing on this produced by Workers Power circa 1983- honestly it's worth reading I think

However, of far more immediate and dare I say urgent necessity than elections is rebuilding the working class movement, re-elaboarting our ideas in campaigns of joint action with militants, activists and campaigners in order to offer socialism and the revolutionary organisation as a resource to the class struggle, not, absolutely NOT, primarily to build the organisation (such would be the method of sect building) but to build the movement- in so far as workers see organisation and revolution as essential to achieve their aims- something we explicitly argue for at all times then we will win workers to revolutionary organisation.

We don't or shouldn't claim to be that organisation or even the nucleus of that potential organisation. A fundamental rethink and re-elaboration is needed.

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