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Submitted by Daniel_Randall on Mon, 28/07/2008 - 15:48

All three of Bill's "propositions" (all of which are, as usual, completely unsubstantiated and stated without reference to any AWL material) have been systematically dealt with on a number of occasions.

The point has been frequently made that if Bill is incapable of meaningfully engaging with our actual politics (or otherwise unwilling to do so), he should stop posting his pathetic lies and save his own time and ours by ceasing to post on this website.

The selective illiteracy and complete lack of retention that visits Bill whenever he reads AWL material also appears to possess him when this point is made, time and time and time again.

Seriously, Bill, why do you post here? What do you get out of it? And Jason, the problem with Bill's post isn't just one of "method"; he isn't providing some kind of comprehensive critique of our politics which happens to be a bit nasty in tone (which I could live with). He's not engaging with our politics at all; he's just repeating the same, boring, unsubstantiated lies. What he's doing isn't debate - it's the online equivalent of millennial religious nutcases standing in busy town centres and screaming at "sinners" as they go past.

So, for what I hope will be the final time but am almost certain will not, Bill - stop lying. Or, failing that, stop posting.

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