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Submitted by martin on Mon, 28/09/2009 - 19:45

The latest information, as of 28 September, is:

* Insiders say that the Labour Party leadership has definitely conceded on restoring the right for unions and local Labour Parties to put motions to Labour Party conference, and motions will be restored as from the 2010 conference.

* The Guardian on 28 September, however, reports that a further emergency meeting of the Labour Party National Executive is to be called to discuss this.

* The same article in the Guardian says that the unions are backing the call for direct election of local Labour Party reps on the National Policy Forum, and it may be voted through. This change could be more significant than at first appears, opening the way to regular challenges to the Labour Party leadership at conference around "minority reports" from the NPF.

* The top Labour Party leadership does indeed give every sign of being demoralised. Peter Mandelson told the Sunday Times on 27 September that he would like to get a top government job - though not actually as a minister - under a Tory government. Alistair Darling told the Observer that the people at the top of the Labour Party had "lost the will to live".

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