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Submitted by AWL on Thu, 01/10/2009 - 14:34

So Tony Woodley tears up the Sun and Harriet Harman attacks its sexism. Pathetic - after years of the Labour government being in bed with the right-wing press.

Woodley has, in effect, gone along with the policies which originally won Murdoch's support and supported the Blair and Brown governments at every step. Gate Gourmet, McDonnell, Bournemouth, Vestas... again and again he and his ilk talk left and act right. Tearing up the Sun - but only after it breaks with the Blairites - is typical Woodley histrionics.

Now we read that the government is considering compulsory institutionalisation for teenage mothers (see here) - a piece of crazy Victorian authoritarianism that is also, btw, BNP policy. Even by the low standards of New Labour, I'm genuinely shocked.

Sacha Ismail

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