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Submitted by cathy n on Tue, 06/10/2009 - 12:42

Oliver James' book "They F*** You Up" (i.e. your mum and dad) had a review of recent research on schizophrenia (or cluster of symptoms that is commonly described under that label). He seems like a good "bourgeois scientist" with a lot of humanity... i.e. who also thinks, broadly, that capitalism *is* to blame for a lot of mental illness/behavioural problems, that he can prove a proper causal link (i.e. not just a coincidence), and that even if the drugs relieve symptoms, there might be a better way even with an "illness" like schizophrenia.

Interesting snippit here on that subject:

Might it be good for someone with the info, to suggest some background reading, otherwise I don't know where this debate will go.

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