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Submitted by Daniel_Randall on Fri, 27/11/2009 - 16:16

Yes, Theo, we have done work of our own which attempts to develop a programme and a series of demands that we believe could cohere a working-class resistance to climate change. Take a look.

Why haven't we published it as a glossy pamphlet, like CaCC? Because, unlike them, we don't have access to substantial financial backing from trade unions and because, unlike the SWP (the main organised force in CaCC), we're not prepared to water our politics down in order to make them palatable for the trade union bureaucracies.

Of course we should be nuanced and sensitive and "patient" when making criticisms. I agree with you. And if this pamphlet gets masses of previously apolitical workers thinking about climate change, then fine. Good. But the point is that if left critics of the CaCC like ourselves hush up or gloss over our criticisms in the interests of non-sectarianism, then how will those workers ever arrive at a better set of politics than the popular-frontist mush offered by CaCC?

We will be publishing a much more comprehensive critique of the pamphlet that explains (yes, "patiently") our criticisms in depth.

I won't be writing it; patient criticism isn't really my style. I also think that, given the scale and immediacy of this issue, there's a case for a little impatience in responding to what are at best the limited and at worst actually counter-productive "solutions" offered by the CaCC.

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