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Submitted by Barry Finger on Fri, 29/04/2016 - 15:46

De-zionization was implicit in all the documents, indeed of all the programs of the WP/ISL. I think somewhere the AWL once reprinted the exchange between Clovis Maksoud and Hal Draper on this issue. But a crucial distinction Draper made was this: "We draw a firm line between (1) fighting Zionism, its ideology and politics; fighting against the Zionist politics which are the official policies of the state of Israel, and against the Zionist leadership which is the official government of the state of Israel; and (2) fighting to overthrow the state of Israel as such." He drew the analogy of socialist opposition to Stalinist Russia -- its totalitarian structures and its prison house of dominated nationalities -- without denying the Russian people their democratic right to self determination. The independent socialist tradition opposed Zionism, which in the first instance sought to set up a Jewish state, in which a minority of the population was to dominate the Arab majority (prior to partition) and no less so the Jewish state that emerged after partition, which -- through the imposition of anti-democratic laws -- sought to enshrine the Jewish majority with special rights and privileges in a Zionist state by depriving the Arab minority of their full civic and national rights as equal citizens. Opposition to Zionism is based on a consistent commitment to democracy, not on depriving the Hebrew community of Israel of its right to self-determination. But we should insist that the right to self-determination also be exercised in a way that respects the equal individual and communal rights of minorities within its midst. De-zionization within the green line (the pre1967 borders) is just another term for binationalism, a binationalism that might look to the relationship between the English speaking majority and francophone community of Canada as a working example. And beyond the green line it clearly requires the liquidation of its colonial holdings. Defending the "Zionist state of Israel" as opposed to the defending the state of Israel means defending a right to self-determination in ways that are anti-democratic and anti-eqalitarian. We should no more accept this that we should defend the "Arab state of ..." or the "Islamic State of ...", without denying the populations of such states their right to self-determination along consistently democratic lines.

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