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Submitted by AWL on Thu, 25/03/2010 - 14:31

L writes: "The picket line today at the British Library was lively and relatively successful, managing to close down five of, I think, seven reading rooms. I was among a number of readers who turned up to support the strike as 'service users', on the basis of solidarity but also that attacks on staff today mean cuts in facilities tomorrow.

"There was also an awareness that, as workers in universities, we are facing similar attacks in our own workplaces. We are not just 'service users', but also workers in the same system of production as the BL staff! We urged fellow readers not to cross the picket line, and many of them responded positively by signing the petition and not going into the library - including one reader who had come from Norfolk!

"We also had some interesting conversations about the political role of service users in such a struggle - an issue that is likely to keep coming up as the public sector suffers successive cuts. Management quickly hauled us off the site, telling us that we were breaking the anti-trade union laws - which we knew was a lie! It was good to see that they felt genuinely threatened by the strike."

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