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Submitted by david kirk on Thu, 13/05/2010 - 21:55


You ask "How can it ever be good news that a genuinely left-wing politician is left out of parliament?". It is a good thing because Galloway is a populist demagogue who hides all sorts of reactionary ideas behind a thin left wing facade. His profile as Britain's most prominent left wing MP means he helps conflate socialism in peoples minds with support for brutal anti working class regimes.

Just a few things that make him reactionary and not left wing:

- When asked to take an average workers wage he refused saying: "I couldn’t live on three workers’ wages."

- He is against womans reproductive freedom. At a hustings in Bethnal Green and Bow he said "'I have all my life been against abortion and against euthanasia".

- He has worked for Press TV, an arm of the Iranian state. He is an apologist for the brutal regime, and has refused to condemn the execution of protesters and LGBT people by his paymaster.

- He has praised anti working class and anti-Semitic clerical fascists like Hamas and Hezbollah.

- He didn't bother to vote against the digital economy bill, 90 day detention or many other right wing measures.

Plus I think your reading skills need working on: "Liberty for workers, but only as long as they're available to the SWP, right? Shite.". Workers Liberty are not the SWP. Our website is full of articles critical of the SWP. One of their lowest moments in our view was when the SWP broke up the Socialist Alliance to create the Respect lash up with Galloway.

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