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Submitted by AWL on Fri, 13/05/2011 - 12:52

Another activist writes:

I went to protests along with disability rights activists from my works.

I would say there were around 5k people - a big variety of disabled people and disabled people's organisation.

The mood was bolshy - will lots of great placards.

The attacks on the Disability Living Allowance, the changes to incapacity benefit, the increase in care packages by local authorities and the tabloid and the Tories being quick to label disabled people as scroungers has really galvanised people. There are loads of activists blogs and grassroots campaigns groups springing up - mostly young disabled people who have had enough.

#What was interesting was the tension between the larger 'corporate' charities like SCOPE and Leonard Cheshire and these grassroot groups like Disabled People Against the Cuts (DPAC) Some even refused to attend because they feel these huge charities which are not run by disabled people are taking over the show, and not as bolshy.

Certainly that was the case at the end of the march which was a big anti-climax - people just asked to disperse... no rally (which was at the start of the march) but just a patronising woman calling out the organisations' name as the banners went past and congratulating us.

Some disabled women started to chant them down - one said "It's not often disabled people can get together like this... it's not always possible... what if we don't want to go home quietly..."

Hopefully the march will be the beginning of more radical action across London at least.

I was interviewed on the march by Guardian TV about the removal of the DLA mobility component. Yu can watch it here:

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