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Submitted by david kirk on Sun, 12/06/2011 - 10:18

The simple facts are this:
1, There has been a mass democratic uprising in Libya that all marxists as consitent democrats should support. Its victory will provide the space for the working class to organise itself industrially and politically.
2, The murderous troops of Gaddafi were about to enter Benghazi and drown the revolution in blood.
3, The revolutionaries and the people of the free part of Libya requested formally and in demonstrations the assistance of air power to conteract gaddaffi's airforce and Armour.

The argument then basically comes down to the right of the revolutionaries to ask, seek or use assistance from imperialist powers. All democratic and workers revolutions are first of all against their own direct oppressors. For the working class the main enemy is always at home. Revolutionaries have sought weapons and military help through history from Imperialist powers to fight their own ruling class because imperialist powers have the military hardware. From the American revolutionaries fighting alongside absolutist France against British dominance, to Lenin's sealed train, revolutionaries have sometimes had to make compromises with imperialism to defeat their own ruling class. The point is that these compromises are forced upon the revolutionaries to acheive the greater prize of a sucessful democratic or socialist state. Even if you compromise you must maintained political independence. Lenin showed this was possible. Germany aided the Bolsheviks for their own aims, yet the Bolsheviks never wavered from their implacable opposition to the imperialist powers. The Libyan people only cried out for the no fly zone when the revolution was about to be crushed.

Taffe, the SP and the SWP think they are being consistent anti - imperialists on behalf of the Libyan people. What would these brave no compromisors have the people of Benghazi do? Presumably they would have the Benghazan's provide pure anti-imperialist corpses. They may be dead but at least they had nothing to do with the British government.*


* Of course these British consistent anti imperialists only seem to apply this purity to working classes far away. The SP's predecessors in Militant on Liverpool council thought it was fine to do a deal with the Thatcher government in the midst of the miners strike. SP members on the PCS executive also thought it was worth accepting a rotten deal on pensions and selling young workers. Difference is this compromise was not forced on the SP/Militant by AK47 just their own rotten politics.

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