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Submitted by Newcastle on Mon, 12/05/2014 - 23:55


This branch agrees to submit this motion to Local Government Conference and Regional Local Government Service Group:

This conference believes:

· that to win the current pay dispute, we need a sustained and escalating programme of industrial action which moves beyond one-day strikes and that Unison should ensure that resources are identified to winning our pay claim
· that where possible action should be coordinated with other sectors or unions in dispute
In the event of a vote for industrial action in the pay dispute to call upon the SGE to:
· call a two-day national strike in July and announce an ongoing timetable of action beyond this including at least 2 days set for September beginning the second week of the school term.

We call on the SGE and NJC Committee (as appropriate and where approved by the NEC) to work with NEC, regional LG service groups and branches to:

· prioritise resources from national, regions and branches to ensure we have funds capable of sustaining strike action beyond three days, and support the effective coordination and distribution hardship payments (levied from both branch and national funds where appropriate within Unison rules)
· plan and coordinate a programme of action short of strike throughout the summer (which could include overtime bans, work to rule and lunch time walk outs)
· set dates for rallies either regionally or at a local level for the first week in September (where feasible) to build momentum after the summer break and prepare for the following weeks action
· encourage branches to convene local, cross-union strike committees, and to feed into regional and national SGE strategy (where appropriate within Unison rules)
· coordinate with Branches and Region Local Government Service Groups to convene meetings at the earliest opportunity in September to discuss future action / strategy.
· consider creative options for future action for instance: short of strike, strike levies, coordination with workers in dispute and selective action by groups of workers which would have maximum impact (i.e. parking inspectors, revenue staff, caretakers, street cleaning etc.)
· to call a Special Service Group Conference before accepting any offer short of union side claim.

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