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How To Fight For Ticket Offices

The fight against ticket office closures should not be allowed to die. Even if we don't feel like we have the confidence to win on it right now, there is plenty that our unions could do to keep the issue live. Here are Tubeworker's suggestions:

  • Organise demonstrations, petitioning, and leafleting outside ticket offices that are yet to close, particularly at key stations such as Victoria, Paddington, and Heathrow.
  • Revive the Hands Off London Transport campaign to link up with passengers' groups, particularly disabled people's rights activists, to make the wider social case for a staffed ticket office at every station.
  • Work with supportive London Assembly Members to demand TfL declares a moratorium on closures, pending a review of the closures that have already taken place (researching whether it has increased queuing times, etc.)
  • Focus on ex-Silverlink stations at the north end of the Bakerloo Line, where LU cannot close ticket offices without the nod from the Department for Transport.
  • We also need to look at organising in the "Visitor Information Centres" now in operation at stations like King's Cross St. Pancras and Victoria. Although they sell tickets, they are staffed by workers with significantly worse terms and conditions than LU SAMFs. Unions should demand that work be taken "in house" by LU and the workers paid the proper rate for the job.

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