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Submitted by martin on Sat, 31/10/2015 - 10:38

None of the expelled have received precise charges to which they can reply. Some are charged with "having been" members of AWL; others' letters of expulsion make no mention of AWL at all.

But there is a sound precedent for current and avowed members of AWL being accepted as Labour Party members in good standing.

The Labour Party used to have a “proscribed list” of groups whose members were banned, mostly groups linked to the Communist Party. That list was abolished in 1973.

The Independent Labour Party, which was a founding group of the Labour Party in 1900, then split away in 1932. It attempted to reaffiliate in 1939 and was refused. It contested parliamentary elections against Labour up to February 1974.

In 1975, it decided to redefine itself as a “political pressure group”, Independent Labour Publications, but was explicit that the new ILP continued the old ILP. It was accepted back into Labour, and rightly so. It’s still around.

The same approach should apply to Workers’ Liberty as to the ILP. And, for sure, no-one should be excluded for “thought-crime” of being interested in the ideas of Workers’ Liberty, circulating Solidarity, or attending discussions organised by Workers’ Liberty.

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