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Submitted by Dwood (not verified) on Sun, 09/06/2019 - 14:57

We are entering a historical epoch that offers the chance of a left learning politician to enter number 10 and hopefully commence the roll back of neo- liberalism. The campaign that will be mounted against Corbyn in future cannot be overestimated and will be of an unparalleled ferocity combined with a avalanche of defamatory smears.

This has already started with the overwhelmingly nonsense of party permeated with anti-antisemitism. This is being engineered by daily mail and the corrupt Blairite wing the Party. I find it incredulous that AWL is acting as proto useful idiots by giving credence to this nonsense. Those of us in less well areas of the county need Corbyn victory to protect pensioners, disabled and it would be act of treachery to use a few injudicious comments to undermine the chance of victory by undermining other left wing fractions. . As former member of Militant i learned the cost of sectarian infighting.

Further you views on Israel are simply wrong. Zionism sought a mono-ethnic Jewish state from the start and was created by ethnic cleaning and the forced expulsion of most of the country of its Arab population. No county should be defined by religion and the refugees have the right of return. The Arab state that you put forward with religious intensity is nonsense as the Arab state will consist of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank and that is not viable, politically and economically. Anybody of modicum of intellect can figure our that the Palestinian state on offer from Israel and US will never be a fully sovereign but an emasculated, demilitarized and supervised entity. The solution is non sectarian single state currently not on the agenda but a better strategy than Palestine Bantustan statelet supported by AWL.

I am also oppressed middle class moralistic niceties that represents AWL thinking . Working class people can get angry and I would support outburst of hatred to those that have inflicted real harm. The AWL should get ready for this and not engage in moralistic critique.

is focus is Cornbun Victory

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