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Submitted by Devrim (not verified) on Wed, 14/08/2019 - 22:58

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I don’t really care to go through them all. There are many.

I’ll give two examples: “The advocates of "national-Bolshevism" were quickly expelled.” The advocates of national Bolshevism were never expelled from the KAPD, as they had never been members of the KAPD.

They were expelled from the KPD at the same time as those who became the KAPD, but at the founding congress, before which there were no members, They and anyone who held their ideas were excluded. The statement that they were expelled suggests they had been members, which is completely untrue.

“As we have seen, Gorter, writing for the "left communists" in 1920, even presented them as champions of a "mass party" against a "party of leaders".” Gorter never called the KAPD as ‘mass party’. In fact he called it a ‘vanguard party’, and an ‘elite party’. The German left theoretically rejected the idea of the mass party. He did use the phrase ‘party of the masses’, but it has a different implication.

There are so many though, probably most paragraphs have at least one error.

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