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Submitted by cathy n on Mon, 26/08/2019 - 11:30

At the risk of confirming your bias against "sectariana" Nick, a bit of info re. who's who and what's what. Bill Jeffries is no longer a member of Workers' Power (Red Flag); what his current analysis of Stalinism we couldn't tell you. In fact, at least on one issue, campaigning against Brexit, Red Flag and the AWL are working together. I think you have to do a bit more deconstruction and recent historical analysis to describe accurately what is going on in Lewisham/the Labour Party. In fact the first person to "poison the discourse" in the Labour Party after 2015 was Tom Watson, who, among other things, used the AWL as a chopping block against the entire left in the Corbyn surge. The initial and continuing battleground was left versus right. But within the left, the political conflicts, as you know, are over really important political questions like antisemitism. You also know, over the last 30-plus years we have written and published hundreds of thousands if not millions of words - opposing from the left. It is precisely because we have called-out people in Lewisham on this issue that we get hit. Your lofty and frankly apolitical "all as bad as each other" dismissal is not helpful.

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