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Submitted by Mark on Mon, 26/08/2019 - 12:08

In reply to by Rich (not verified)

The first large demonstration I helped to organise was to oppose the NF lecturer, Andrew Brons, in my hometown (1985)
In 1993 I edited (and wrote most of) a Workers' Liberty magazine called, "How to Beat the Racists". It ran to three editions and must have sold 30 000 copies.
I've organised many public meetings against racism, public protests, a speaker tour with a former member of the Black Panthers.
I've written about the Panthers, Malcolm X, Reconstruction, US Slavery for the socialist press.
I could go on and on. I have decades of anti-racist activity behind me.
There is of course another explanation: that an idiot called me a racist, without evidence on the internet. So, let's not reproduce evidence-free claims shall we?

I did not call anyone an antisemite except Ken Livingstone. Try to read text exactly and precisely.

It should be possible to engage in heated arguments without getting punched in the face. Besides, none of the heat was from me.
I got punched by Jefferies because I insisted he justify a slur on a comrade. He couldn't do that, and punched me instead. How could I possibly be to blame for this?
Should I just have let it go? That would be pathetic.

The fact is that this is the most recent act in a series of actions against the AWL and its supporters in Lewisham Momentum. We have been subjected to the most disgusting anonymous slanders on the internet, systematically witchhunted; people have deliberately excluded us, gerrymandered the organisation, refused to engage in debate with us, split the local left.
Anyway, we will not be silenced. We'll continue to advocate open, honest organisations where rational debate can take place.

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