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Submitted by Mark on Mon, 26/08/2019 - 14:22

Hi Nick. I remember the first time you came to the AWL office, back in 1986. You were actually very excited by "sectariana" then (ie. the interesting, world-transforming ideas of the socialist left).
And where did you get your hatred of left antisemitism from? Us! (Just like Dave H and Alan J and others who are now well to our right). Well, I'm still fighting for a new, socialist world. You, you've collapsed, to such a point that you can't tell the AWL apart from the rest?
Actually this debate isn't Workers' Power vs the AWL. It is about fighting for the authentic ideas of Marx and socialism as human liberation, as against socialism as a Gulag. The people we're at odds with in the Labour Party (and that often includes Corbyn) have a degraded "socialism" that takes a lot from Stalinism. We're right to oppose them. Pity you gave up.

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