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Submitted by AWL on Mon, 13/09/2021 - 18:15

This meeting notes Sharon Graham’s recent election as Unite General Secretary and, thereby, her mandate for change. In that context, we believe that consideration should be given to:

• Scrapping all Regional Secretary posts, as part of Unite’s re-organisation along the lines of industrial unionism with a greater focus on the workplace.
• A complete re-organisation of Unite’s Legal Department, which, in recent years, has pursued cases costing Unite millions in legal costs (e.g. Sally Nailard, Anna Turley) while other unions, by contrast, have won key cases (e.g.Unison/Tribunal fees, GMB/Uber drivers).
• Putting an end to any and all forms of interference by Unite full-timers in lay-member elections and lay-member democracy in general.
• Reformating the conduct of meetings of Unite’s constitutional committees in order to enhance the role and input of lay members.
• Putting resources into campaigning for Unite policy on the abolition of all anti-union laws.
• Reviewing Unite’s financial support for the Morning Star and its stocking of the paper in Unite offices.
• We therefore urge the Regional Executive Committee to give consideration to how such proposals might be implemented in our Region.

[If passed, motion to go to: RISC and AAC, and from there, if passed, to the Regional Executive Committee.]

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