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Submitted by AWL on Mon, 20/09/2021 - 13:21

All motions submitted can be read here.

The FBU's motion (the Bakers' Union has submitted a very similar text):

Tackling the Climate Emergency: A Socialist Green New Deal

Conference notes:
The UN’s latest climate report states that temperatures are likely to rise by more than the vital 1.5C limit in the next two decades, bringing widespread devastation and extreme weather. It also notes that only - immediate, rapid and large-scale reductions in emissions can prevent such breakdown.
Extreme weather events are becoming ever more frequent and are a telling sign of things to come.

Conference believes:
The Covid Pandemic has shown that the levers of the state are required to respond to crises. As with Covid, the climate crisis exposes sharply the inequalities in society in the UK and internationally and we must ensure that workers are at the heart of any future programme and that means unshackling trade unions.

Conference resolves to support:
• A Socialist Green New Deal that will shift power from capital into the hands of workers, and will include:
• Creating millions of secure, well-paid, unionised green jobs;
• A workers-led - just transition- from high emission jobs to alternatives;
• Public ownership of energy including the big six energy companies, creating an integrated, democratic system. Large-scale investment in renewables, rapidly phasing out fossil fuels;
• Public ownership of transport - majorly expanded, integrated, free, including rail electrification, high-speed rail, sustainably powered rail freight and electric buses;
• Democratic public ownership of banking and finance;
• Repealing all anti-trade union laws, so workers can freely take industrial action over wider social
and political issues, from public safety to climate change.
• Therefore Conference agrees that the Labour Party shall adopt this programme.

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