Daniel De Leon

A Soviet Republic for Britain! (January, 1919)

Fellow workers of Britain, "The air of Europe is quivering with revolution”! And not alone the air, but the whole land-owning and capital class of this country are quivering with fear at the unforeseen results of the European War. Immediately following the armistice the Prime Minister proclaimed the speedy dissolution of the Government, hoping that in the psychological moment of victory and the resulting disturbance to the public mind, the capitalist class would snatch another victory at the polls. Obtaining a new lease of power they would be enabled to re-establish their system of society on...

Daniel DeLeon's "Socialist Reconstruction of Society"

Workingmen and Workingwomen of Minneapolis: Our chairman did not overstate the case when he said that the Industrialists’ convention, which closed its sessions day before yesterday in Chicago after two weeks of arduous labors, marks an epoch in the annals of the labor movement of America. I may add, although his words imply as much, that the Chicago convention marks also a turning point in the history of the land. What was done there? You will be able to obtain an approximate idea, a hint, from the public declaration” the Preamble to the Constitution―adopted by the convention. The document is...

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