Station and revenue staff: all out for 8-9 January! Make this the opening salvo!

RMT and TSSA have named strikes of stations and revenue members, from 18:00 on 8 January to 17:59 on 9 January.

Naming strikes now, rather than waiting to see how things played out in talks in early January, is absolutely the right thing to do. Reps and activists had been calling for strikes to...

LU's jobs offer is a joke: it's time for strikes!

LU made an offer to our unions at Acas today, aimed at resolving our ongoing dispute on stations.

They offered to restore... wait for it... a grand total of... just over 60 jobs! It's a bad joke, worthy of a Christmas cracker.

An RMT report (online here) says the offer misses "by a mile". And...

TfL Ambassadors: Don't Undermine Your Colleagues!

As our overtime ban keeps forcing station closures, here's LU's latest wheeze: begging "TfL Ambassadors" (aka "the pink hi-vi brigade") who hold limited stations licenses, to work shifts. Scandalously, they're offering them more money than CSAs get paid, including uplifts for night shifts which...


The overtime ban is biting. Major stations including Temple, St. James's Park, Earl's Court, and Bond Street have all closed. Dozens of other stations have had partial closures or been left unstaffed.

LU's online updates continue to use the ridiculous formulation "absence of staff" to explain...

Stations Ballot: Vote Yes/Yes!

RMT has begun balloting members on stations for strikes, and action short of strikes, against the fallout from "Fit for the Future". Tubeworker encourages all readers to vote yes/yes!

Our correspondents at the latest round of "Managing Our Stations" training courses at Ashfield House tell us that...

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