Workers' Liberty week school on the German Revolution, 1918-23

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call or email for details

Thursday 11 to Sunday 14 July 2019, on the Wales-England border: call or email for details of the place.

This week school will help students follow up on the discussions we have had recently about Rosa Luxemburg, the Russian Revolution, and 1919.

We will study the events and debates in an advanced capitalist country which had the world's strongest labour movement outside revolutionary Russia, and which was in revolutionary flux much of the time for five years. Those events and debates shaped many of the strategic political concepts - united front, transitional demands, workers' government, building a revolutionary party - which inform us today.

Cheap food will be available at the school at lunchtime and at 6pm each day, and tea, coffee, and snacks in the afternoon break and before the start of each day's session.

Please bring a sleeping bag.


Main reading: Pierre Broué's book The German Revolution, 1917-23

That is a big book, and expensive to buy, but here's a pdf, and here are .epub and .azw versions.

Easier background reading

• Our pamphlet The German Revolution: Selected Writings of Rosa Luxemburg, with an introduction by Paul Vernadsky

• Alfred Rosmer, Lenin's Moscow (available quite cheap secondhand)

• Leon Trotsky, The First Five Years of the Comintern, volumes 1 and 2. (Quite expensive secondhand, but available at, and you may find older comrades can lend you a copy)

• Leon Trotsky, Lessons of October (available at

Discussion points and study notes

See this study schedule



12 to 2:30 - Pre-1914 German Social Democracy; Social Democracy in the War
3 to 5:30 - The November 1918 revolution (ch.1-9 of Broué)


10 to 12:30 - From the November Revolution to January 1919
1:30 to 4 - The Noske period; and through to the Kapp putsch (March 1920) (ch. 10-18)
4:30 to 7 - From the Kapp putsch (March 1920) to the March Action (March 1921) (ch.19-26)


10 to 12:30 - The Third Congress of the Communist International (June-July 1921)
1:30 to 4 - The KPD at the height of its united front agitation (ch.27-31)
4:30 to 7 - The occupation of the Ruhr (January 1923) and the hyperinflation (ch.35-37)


10-12:30 - The strike wave of June 1923, the fall of the Cuno government, and the missed revolutionary opportunity of October 1923 (ch.38-41)
1:30 to 4 - Aftermath and assessment (ch.42-47)


To book, please email the information requested below to, and pay £5 at as a contribution to the costs of organising the school.

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Street address ________________________________________________________


Do you have any special dietary requirements?

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