The 20 September climate strike and the fight to free our unions

Submitted by Zac Muddle on Tue, 16/07/2019 - 09:57
Time and date

Global Justice Now 66 Offley Road, SW9 0LS London, United Kingdom

All trade unionists and climate activists are welcome to this special discussion organised by the Free Our Unions campaign, and UKSCN, to contribute to building workers' climate action on 20 September.

Speakers include • Riccardo la Torre (Fire Brigades Union) • Abel Harvie-Clark (UK Student Climate Network).

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On 20 September workers around the country will take action in support of school student climate strikers - but the law will make it harder.

Anti-trade union laws, introduced under Tory governments after 1980 and kept by Tony Blair after 1997, bar workers from going on strike over big political issues like climate change. They impose numerous complex and heavy restrictions designed to slow down and hinder workers taking action on anything at all.

To maximise action on 20 September we need to discuss what combination of acting within the law, manoeuvring to get round the law, and defying the law is possible.

We also need to take this opportunity to amplify the call for the anti-union laws to be repealed so workers can take action much more freely.

Discussions are starting in the labour movement; this forum aims to help develop those discussions and link them to the question of challenging the anti-union laws.

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