Activist Agenda: campaigns and info

Submitted by martin on 2 October, 2020 - 2:34 Author: AWL
Climate strike 2021 "Green New Deal" banner with placards "Stop Cambo"

Workers' Liberty is heavily involved with and supports several campaigns. Information about some of them is on this page.

Campaign: Labour Left Internationalists (formerly Momentum Internationalists)

Campaign: Uyghur Solidarity Campaign.

Campaign: Free Our Unions.

Campaign: Labour Campaign for Free Movement

Campaign: Labour Movement Solidarity with Hong Kong (UK).

Campaign: Safe and Equal

Campaign: Neurodivergent Labour

Info: Model Labour Party and union motions on many issues

Info: More information and model motions

Events: Poplar 100, anniversary Poplar Labour councillors' revolt

Events: Workers' Liberty and wider events

Organising: Workplace/unions — We ask our members to be active workplace militants, organising in our industries and trade unions. We organise within health and local government, higher education, school and education workers, on the railway and London Underground and in the civil service, and more. Get in touch.

Organising: Students — Campaigns and meetings on campusses and over zoom. Get in touch: facebook, instagram, email

Organising: Environmental campaigning, in many areas — get in touch

Organising: Local campaigning — Workers' Liberty local branches are involved with and initiate local campaigning, from supporting courier organising to feminist campaigning to international solidarity, and beyond. Get in touch.

Info: More news, campaigns, events — see and subscribe to our weekly paper

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