Strike on Tyne and Wear!

Posted in Off The Rails's blog on Tue, 15/06/2021 - 22:23,
Photograph shows a Tyne and Wear Metro train berthed at a station platform

Workers in both RMT and Unite on the Tyne and Wear Metro will strike from 28-30 June and 1-4 July, with an overtime ban commencing from 5 July.

An RMT statement says: "Last year the cash-rich Stadler outfit secured a £300 million contract to build 42 new Metro trains, rebuild the Gosforth depot and maintain the Nexus Tyne and Wear train stock for the next 35 years. Despite recording profit growth of 8% in 2020 Stadler are now trying to impose a pay freeze on their loyal and hardworking staff."

It's absolutely right that workers are striking against this, and hopefully it can light a beacon for similar action against pay restraint elsewhere in the rail industry.

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